Gems of Tomorrow: What’s New and Next in the Jewelry Sphere?

And the players have to keep up with the times, breaking out of the boxes that restrict them and venturing beyond to create the gems of tomorrow. Whether it is advanced materials, new skies on creativity or anything really, jewelry always carries something new on their wings. Here, we zoom into the jewelry sphere, to bring you a glimpse of the future of adornment.

1. Lab-Grown Diamonds

Synthetic diamond is making waves in the world of jewelry, providing a more sustainable and ethical choice for those who like the sparkle of a conventional mined diamond. Though they are made in controlled lab conditions with help of advanced, highly precise technology, these man-made gems are chemically the same as natural diamonds. By nature of consumers wanting diamond mining to be a thing of the past for environmental

2. Biodegradable Materials To Craft Jewelry

Things weren’t always this way, that is until consumer consciousness changed and designers started researching biodegradable materials. From bio-plastics made from plant-based sources to natural organic materials like wood and bamboo, biodegradable jewelry is an alluring and nature-friendly look in jewelry. It may sound far-fetched to consider sustainable fashion choices, but with a steady uptrend in the popularity of such choices over the latter years, one can just assume how in the near future more and more designers would opt to include biodegradable materials in their jewelry collections.

A Future Innovation To Be Watched

  1. Customization and Personalization

As consumers continue to desire the unique and personal, customization and personalization will play big roles in jewelry trends moving forward. The jewelry of the future will be tailored around made-to-order designs that are based on the unique personal style and taste of the wearer but be found with mix-and-matchable customizable components to represent personality. A lot of brands will be offering some customization features and design tools in order to allow consumers to style their own special products with brands such as Evry Jewels.

    2. Internet of Things ◾ Wearables

Digital integration and smart jewelry are going to be game changers in how we wear and interact with jewelry in the near future! Whether we are talking about wearable tech to monitor health stats and vital signs in real time or more fashion-forward smart jewelry to pair up with our phones and other gadgets, the options here are endless. With technology simply in its beginning stage, incorporating more digital aspects and functionalities in jewelry, we should witness the marriage of fashion and technology engrossed into a singular structure.

Where to Discover the Gems of Tomorrow

1. Jewelry Design Studios

Design studios specializing in jewelry are currently a very exciting and creative side of the jewelry industry, where all that is new and appealing often spawns. Support local designer jewelry shops—or, even better, start venturing into online platforms that display the work of emerging designers where you could have a shot at the jewelry pieces of tomorrow.

2. Technology and Innovation Conferences

Technology and innovation conferences offer insights from the minds that are leading the industry and shaping today’s trends. Attend any and all gold and silver jewelry conferences that elucidate the inclination of this evolving industry. Go to shows and expos about sustainable fashion, wearable technology, and digital integration to keep abreast of the latest breakthroughs and trends in jewelry.

3. Join Online Communities and Forums

Online communities and forums for jewelry enthusiasts are a wonderful opportunity for connecting with others to learn from one another and remain up-to-date on the changes and trends occurring in the industry! Through forums, social media channels, and discussions, you can subscribe to and engage with discussions people are having around the world on the jewelry of tomorrow—catching you up on the next wonder of the world and connecting with jewelry-swooners globally

Last Note

For the jewelry industry, things are looking a bit more fresh as designers and trendsetters are constantly attempting to push boundaries and find the next big thing in an attempt to form the gems of the future. A hologram of the future of necklaces—that features lab-grown diamonds, biodegradable materials, virtual try-on technology, and smart jewelry. Read more articles on the Future of Adornment. Be trendy and update yourself with the latest design innovations. Join the conversation on jewelry making and design.