Jelly Roll Wife Bunnie XO: The Candid and Captivating Wife of Country Star Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll Wife

Jelly Roll’s Wife – If you think being married to one of country music’s fastest rising stars is a glamorous life, think again! Bunnie XO is the outspoken wife of singer-songwriter Jelly Roll. She is here to keep it hilariously real. She went from working the streets of Vegas to hosting a popular podcast. Her career is as wild as her personality.

Jelly Roll Wife Bio, Wiki

Bio FactsDetails
Full NameAlisa DeFord (née Xo)
Known AsBunnie XO
BirthdayJanuary 22, 1980
Age44 years old (as of 2024)
BirthplaceLas Vegas, Nevada
ProfessionPodcaster, Former Escort
HusbandJelly Roll (m. 2016)
ChildrenStepmom to Bailee & Noah

Jelly Roll Wife Age, Height, Weight: The Vital Stats

  • Age: 44 years young (Born January 22, 1980)
  • Height: 5’6″ (1.68 m)
  • Weight: Somewhere between a”‘lil thick” and “healthy”  as she’d probably put it!

The specifics may be blurred. But, one thing’s for sure – Bunnie XO rocks her curves with the same confidence and no-BS attitude that made her famous.

Jelly Roll’s Wife  Early Life, Education: From Lost Wages to Lucky Break

Bunnie was born and raised in Las Vegas. Locals call it “Lost Wages”. She had a tough upbringing marked by struggles. They would shape her unique path. Her grit and determination came from the harsh desert heat. It led her to make some bold career choices. But, more on that later!

As for education? Well, let’s just say the school of hard knocks taught her more than any classroom could.

Jelly Roll Wife Career: From X-Rated to Podcasting Sensation

Jelly Roll Wife Career

She is a Youtuber. Here’s where Bunnie’s story takes an eye-opening turn: Before becoming Mrs. Jelly Roll, she spent years working as a high-end escort in Las Vegas. It was a life of glitz, glamour and, admittedly, some grit that would make a Navy SEAL blush.

But when she locked eyes with a scruffy, Van-dwelling musician named Jelly Roll in 2015, everything changed. Within a whirlwind year, they went from strangers to spouses. Bunnie decided it was time to turn over a new, very loud, leaf.

This marked the birth of the “Dumb Blonde” podcast in 2019. It was an insanely popular audio series. Bunnie brought her trademark sass while dishing on life, love, and everything in between. With over 205,000 Instagram followers (and counting), she’s proof that heroines come in all shapes, sizes, and dark-rated pasts.

Jelly Roll Wife Boyfriend, Husband

Speaking of dark pasts, Bunnie’s love story with Jelly Roll is definitely one for the romantics…or the polygamists? You see, these two lovebirds are spiritually bonded. They are in an open marriage – a modern dynamic. They’ve been compellingly candid about it.

As Bunnie put it: “If I want to sleep with another guy, I can go sleep with another guy. Like, that’s not a problem.” Hey, at least they’re honest!

But when it comes to her one-and-only husband, the doe-eyed devotion is clear. Jelly Roll has gushed that Bunnie “saved him in one of the darkest times” of his life. And after that spur-of-the-moment Vegas courthouse wedding in 2016? This wild-at-heart couple took on the rodeo of marriage and came out stronger than ever.

Now, Bunnie balances being a great wife. She’s also a step-mom to Jelly’s two kids (Bailee and Noah). She’s a boss babe podcaster. And she does all this while fiercely championing her man’s rising stardom.

Net Worth

Precise net worth figures are still TBA, but one thing’s for sure – Bunnie XO has made her own damn money, thank you very much!

From her escort days to launching her wildly popular podcast, this feminist firebrand has always been about that independent income. As she’s stated, even after marrying Jelly Roll, she “refused to give up [her] independence & rely solely on him.”

In 2018, Bunnie took the funds she’d saved up and started her own self-titled brand. By 2023, she felt secure enough to fully “immerse” herself in the “Bunnie Xo” enterprise after retiring from the escorting world. An inspirational pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps tale?

Social Media

Bunnie is active on social media platforms, and her instagram username is xomgitsbunnie and she has 1.4 M followers on it. She is also present on facebook with username Bunnie Xo with 3.1 M followers. Her youtube account username is same as her facebook account and she has 819K subscribers on it

Recent News: Big Apple Breakthrough

In Dec 2023, Bunnie hit the Big Apple to introduce her man to the world during Jelly Roll’s explosive performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s RoJckin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

Clad in dazzling red, she gleefully announced her husband from the side-stage like a true Vegas showgirl – albeit, one who used to show way more than sequins and feathers back in her wilder days.

With Jelly Roll’s star bursting into the stratosphere in 2024, you can bet Bunnie will be his ride-or-die hype woman every riotous step of the way.

Controversy? She Laughs in Its Face!

What controversy? This gal has already lived a few lifetimes’ worth of “shocking” stories! From her sex worker roots to shedding every last shock-jock tendency, Bunnie XO wears her uncensored truth like a badge of honor.

And if that makes some bougies clutch their pearls, even better! Keeping it realer than your fave reality star is just how this platinum wife rolls. So get used to her courting clever controversy – it’s Bunnie’s way or the highway!


In a world of curated perfection, Bunnie XO is a bracingly authentic breath of fresh air. This former Escort-turned-podcast queen has traveled a million-mile road to snag her happily-ever-after with Jelly Roll. And whether you love her or love-to-hate her, you’ve gotta respect the journey!

FAQ’s About Jelly Roll Wife

Q1. What did Jelly Roll’s wife do for a living?

Ans. Before meeting Jelly Roll, Bunnie XO worked as a high-end escort in Las Vegas.

Q2. What did Bunnie do before Jelly Roll?

Ans. Prior to her relationship with Jelly Roll, Bunnie XO was a high-end escort in Las Vegas.

Q3.What is the story between Bunnie and Jelly Roll?

Ans. Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO met in 2015 when she attended his show at the Las Vegas Country Saloon. Back then, Bunnie was in an abusive relationship, but she and Jelly Roll bonded so quickly that they tied the knot in a sudden courthouse wedding in 2016.

Q4. Does Bunnie XO have kids?

Ans. No, Bunnie XO is not a mother of biological children. On the other hand, she is a stepmother to his two kids from his previous relationship, Bailee and Noah.

Q5. How many wives does Jelly Roll possess?

Ans. Jelly Roll was previously married to Bunnie XO, his only wife. Open marriage is their choice since they got hitched in 2016.

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