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Kylie Kelce

Jason Kelce, who is one of the most influential US footballers, met his wife on Tinder. Her name is Kylie Kelce, and both are living in a happy marriage. They are a real-life example of how dating apps can get effective at times. And when it comes to Kelce, he feels joy in sharing his Tinder success in the public. He also finds joy in honoring his wife openly. If you wish to know more about Jason’s wife, this is the right page for you. Proceed further and you must know everything about Mrs. Kelce: 

Who is Kylie Kelce? 

Kylie’s full name is Kylie McDevitt Kelce. She is famous for being the wife of Jason Kelce, who is a footballer. Kylie is from Philadelphia and was born in 1992. Like Jason, she is also an athlete and used to engage in hockey events as a high school student. 

Physical Stats 

Kylie has a great physique, which is obvious due to her athletic history. Her height is 5 ’11 ft, while her body weight is around 61 kg. In 2024, she will be 32 years old and is 5 years younger than Jason. Her body figure is also very impressive and measures around 34-25-35, while her shoe size is US 11.5 

Family of Kylie Kelce

Kylie’s parents are Lisa and Ed McDevitt. They prefer living a low life, so we know nothing except their names. But they do attend football events like the Super Bowl to show support for their son-in-law. Kylie also has a sibling and her name is Aubrey McDevitt. Like her parents, Aubrey also stays within the radar. 

As of now, Kylie has built her own family with Jason and they have three children together. Their names are Wyatt, Elliotte, and Bennett.

Early Life of Kylie Kelce 

Kylie was born to a family in Philadelphia. She grew up alongside her sister Aubrey in Narberth, which is around where she was born. Her parents were very supportive and gave Kylie a nurturing and safe environment. Thanks to them, she could live a great childhood. 


Kylie went to Cabrini University for college. It is in Wayne, Pennsylvania. But her course and details about high school are not known. 

About Her Career 

Kylie identifies as a philanthropist. She works on a foundation that Jason founded, i.e. (Be)Philly. This group raises funds, so, the youth of Philadelphia can get benefits. Other than that, Kylie is also an Event Coordinator at another foundation. Its name is Eagle Autism Foundation. She enjoys doing and bringing good for the people. And because she’s a wifey of Jason, many refer to her as the First Lady of Philadelphia. 

Before entering philanthropic work and marrying Jason, Kylie was into hockey. She was the most active during her college days and used to take part in events at Cabrini University. She and her teammates were great players. They even won many titles together. The most notable one is from the Colonial States Athletic Conference. 

Kylie and Jason’s Love Life 

kylie kelce pregnant
  • In a podcast of Jason and Travis’s “New Heights”, Kylie makes a debut in Sep 2023. It was an interesting session as she talked about how they met and other details. Well, the two met on Tinder in 2014 and bonded ever since. But as per Kylie, she had no idea who Jason was. He had no pictures of himself from the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • After matching and conversing for a while, the two met up at a bar. Their first date did not go well and Jason Kelce got a bit too tipsy. In fact, Jason fell asleep 45 minutes after Kylie reached the bar. But that didn’t stop Jason from recognizing Kylie as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Jason says that it was love at first sight, and was sober enough to realize the same. 
  • Jason or Jason Daniel Kelce was born Nov 5, 1987, and is a famous American footballer. He plays for the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL. His interest in playing football has been there ever since he was a child. In fact, in college, he used to play for the Cincinnati Bearcats. His brother, Travis Kelce, is also a footballer and plays for Kansas.  
  • Jason and Kylie became official in June 2018 after marrying each other. The wedding was set at the Logan Hotel, which is in Philadelphia. A year later, they had their first girl, on Oct. 2, 2019. Her name is Wyatt Kelce. On March 4, 2021, they had their second daughter, Elliotte Ray Kelce. Their youngest kid is Bennett Llewellyn Kelce, who was born on Feb 23, 2023.

Awards and Achievements of Kylie Kelce

Kylie is a former athlete and was a core member of a hockey team at Cabrini University, Pennsylvania. As a student player, she got many titles. Like All-CSAC First Team (twice), ECAC South All-Stars First Team, and All-CSAC Second Team. She also won the Colonial States Athletic Conference titles, not once but twice in a row. She also got the title of conference’s Rookie of the Year.

Kylie Kelce on Social Media

Kylie is famous on all social media platforms. On Instagram, you can find her as @kykelce and around 2M people follow her. Another 2M people follow her on Tiktok, which she uses under the name @kyliekelce

Is Kylie Kelce Rich? 

Yes, Kylie Kelce is rich and as per estimates, her net worth is around $1 million. Meanwhile, her husband, Jason has a net worth of around $40 million.


Kylie Kelce used to play hockey but never got the recognition as a player. Instead, she is famous today for her connection with Jason. She is also often found at the Eagles games and visits to show support and cheer for the whole team. But beyond being Jason’s wife, Kylie is also into charitable and philanthropic work. She works for (Be)Philly, which her spouse founded in 2022

FAQ’s About Kylie Kelce

Q1. What is Kylie Kelce Famous For? 

Ans. While Kylie was a hockey player herself, she never took part in national-level events. Her fame became obvious only as the wife of Jason, which came after their wedding in June 2018. 

Q2. Who is Jason Kelce? 

Ans. Jason is a football player. He is currently a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, who play in the National Football League. 

Q3. Who are Kylie Kelce’s Parents?

Ans. Kylie Kelce’s parents are Lisa and Ed McDevitt. They are often seen in Football events showing support to Jason alongside Kylie. But other than their names, we know nothing about them. 

Q5. Did Kelce Meet His Wife On Tinder? 

Ans. Yes, Kelce met his wife on Tinder. They both conversed on the dating app and chose to get together after a while. Their first date at a bar was a disaster as Jason got too drunk and fell asleep. 

Q6. When Did Kylie and Jason Kelce Meet? 

Ans. The two met in 2014 on a dating app and got into a relationship by the end of the year. 

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