Who is Rex Heuermann? How did he become Prime Suspect to a Muderer?

Rex Heuermann

Rex Heuermann was arrested in 2023 for the unsolved serial killings of women. The killings happened along a New York beach road over a decade ago. He was charged with three counts of first-degree murder. They are Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Costello. The deaths were between 2009 and 2010.

At that time, he was named as “the major suspect” in the murder of a fourth woman, Maureen Brainard-Barnes. He was excited about Brainard-Barnes’ murder on Jan 16. He has been beseeched not guilty to all charges and has been held deprived of bail since his arrest. If you are interested in this murder case, then please go through this article!

What Was the Exact matter?

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The four were among at least ten victims. Their bodies were discovered in the area in a case that eluded investigators for years. Rex Heuermann worked as an architectural consultant in Manhattan. He also lived in the village of Massapequa Park. Suffolk County Police and state police took him into custody last summer. Prosecutors filed the court documents. 

They say that, in 2022, investigators began a “complete evaluation of all evidence.” This prompted them to look closer. The car was a Chevrolet Avalanche registered to Heuermann at the time of the murders. It matched one reported by the witness. The examination also found connections with burner cell phones. They were linked to the suspect. Also, the court says a hair found on burlap that covered a victim was a DNA match to Rex Heuermann. It was based on a DNA sample from the outside of a pizza box he discarded.

Rex Heuermann is a draughtsman. He founded the security firm RH Consultants and Associates in 1994. This was according to the company’s website. The website says his clients included Target and Foot Locker. Also, they included Catholic Charities and American Airlines.

How did everything get Investigated? 

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The task force formed in early 2022 to crack the cold case. They focused on the so-called Gilgo Four, the most solvable cases. This focus led to the seizure last summer of Mr. Heuermann, 60. The unvarying way the bodies were treated bore the seals of a serial killer. Investigators had many strong clues. These included DNA and mobile phone data. They linked the four bodies to Mr. Heuermann. He had begged not guilty to killing the women.

Mr. Tierney helped lead the task force. He said it would now turn to the suitcases of the other six victims. But, linking those remains to Mr. Heuermann or someone else will be harder. They are colder cases through fewer clues and more random faces than the Gilgo Four.

The six victims were found far apart over several miles. This contrasts with the neat grouping of the Gilgo Four over a quarter-mile. Three remain faceless. Four were dismembered. Clues like DNA, phone archives, and life details are scant.

 Still, detectives hope that recent DNA advances made the key to charging Mr. Heuermann. They can help solve these six bags that have stumped detectives for 13 years.

Many hundreds of tips to the police have been given since they arrested Mr. Heuermann. He is now in a Suffolk County jail awaiting his next court appearance on April 17. Detectives interviewed detainees in Suffolk and Nassau County jails. The detainees may have worked with escorts. Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon Jr. said 15 of the 168 people interviewed gave useful info to investigators.

What internet evidence do they consume against Heuermann?

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The alleged serial killer did many online searches on the Gilgo murders. He did over 200 searches in four months. Subpoenas revealed digital evidence. It showed internet searches linked to the Thomas Hawk email account and facade. The evidence is enough to make anyone shudder. Without detail, there were thousands of studies about sex workers. They covered sadistic and torture porn, and child porn.

One search asked: “Why hasn’t the Long Island serial killer been caught?”  / Gilgo Beach Murders. They are linked to emails or burner phone numbers going to Heuermann.

His junk emails, besides burner phones, show an online pattern. They contact sex workers and search for Gilgo Four victims and their living family. They also look for violent porn and info about the police.

What really has Heuermann been accused of?

The Suffolk County DA’s Office has charged Heuerman with four counts of first-degree murder and four counts of second-degree murder. Furthermore, in July, he appeared briefly in court when his lawyer entered a not guilty plea. Judge Richard Embro refused to grant him bail, citing the “extreme depravity” of the crimes he is accused of committing, and the New York Post reported that Heuermann was on suicide watch. In January, Heuerman pleaded not guilty to the murder of Brainard-Barnes.

 How did Rex Heuermann convert the No. 1 suspect?

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Investigators took a fresh look at old signs. These signs were key to finding and catching Rex Heuermann. In January 2022, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office recognized a team. The team included investigators, analysts, and prosecutors. They had worked with law enforcement associates to create the Gilgo / LISK Task Force. This made the case frenzied up again. 

A review of the victims’ cases showed the need. It led the joint investigation to hunt for the owner of a first-generation Chevrolet Avalanche. A witness identified it from the disappearance of Amber Costello.


Last summer, the authorities publicized that they arrested Rex Heuermann. He arrested for four of the Gilgo Beach serial killings. The thankful relatives of the slain women stood through them. But, along that desolate spring of Long Island beach, at least ten bodies were found. And loved 1s of the other victims await answers more than a dozen centuries later.

Faq’s About Rex Heuermann

Q1. Who is Rex Heuermann’s ex wife?

Ans. Asa Ellerup trooped to divorce Rex Heuerman just beings after his July 2023 detention. She released a statement Wednesday through her attorney.  

Q2. Why was the Axeman not once caught?

Ans. They have not once caught me, and they never will. They have never gotten me, for I am invisible, even as the ether that environs your earth. I am not a human being but a spirit and a demon from the hottest hell. What are you Orleanians besides your foolish police song, The Axeman?

Q3. Who was Joseph Mumfre?

Ans. Crime writer Colin Wilson built on an account by author Robert Tallant. Wilson suspected Joseph Mumfre to be the Axeman. Mumfre’s name was also spelled Monfre, Momfre, or Manfre. Mumfre allegedly shot to death in December 1920 in Los Angeles. The shooter was the dowager of Mike Pepitone.

Q4. Who was Heuermann’s first wife?

Ans. Before, Rex Heuerman, a suspected serial killer, wedded Asa Ellerup, he married Elizabeth Ryan. Heuerman and Ryan married in a church in 1990. But, they split soon after. Then, he died to marry Ellerup in 1996.

Q5. What is Rex Heuermann’s full name?

Ans. Heuerman, 59, a married dad of two and an architect at a New York City firm. Is the alleged Gilgo Beach Killer. He has a home on 1st Avenue in Massapequa Park, where he has documents for 92 firearms.

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