Who is Sheena Melwani husband: Finally, his face was revealed!

Sheena Melwani husband

Who is Sheena Melwani and who is Sheena Melwani Husband? You might be thinking, who are they? Why are we talking about them, so let me tell you this is a power couple, who owns a good amount of property! Sheena is a very popular YouTuber, and her husband is an advocate. They live in Boston, and they are quite famous on social media. Recently, Sheena’s husband made a public appearance, which left every person shocked! So, in this article we will talk about such relevant things about them, that you wanna know!

Who is Sheena Melwani?

Famous YouTuber, Sheena Melwani, mum-of-two grew up making music and singing in choirs, churches, and weddings, besides bands. But, her music career took a back seat. This happened after she had her children. Then, she decided she wanted to be with them as much as possible.

When COVID hit, the 40-year-old Canadian-American YouTuber Sheena stayed busy. She did this by performing live concerts online for her friends and family. A video featured her husband, under the alias The Real Indian Dad. His face was hidden behind an emoji. The video went viral in 2020. Her followers were desperate for more unfiltered clips of their family.

Sheena Melwani Husband : Dinesh Melwani

Sheena Melwani husband came into the limelight in 2020 when he appeared in his wife’s TikTok videos with his face hidden. He has subsequently gained additional fame on Instagram in addition to TikTok. He shares funny videos with his wife.

Dinesh Melwani, famous for using The Real Indian Dad on social media, was born on 30 June 1978 in Maharashtra, Mumbai, India. How old is Dinesh Melwani, the transactional attorney is 44 years old in 2023. His zodiac sign is Cancer. He spent his childhood in Canada. The attorney goes to the Sindhi caste, in addition, his religion is Hinduism. He is an Asian society’s member!

Educational background

He attended McGill University, a public study university in Canada. He merged with the institution in 2001 besides graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Law, LLB besides Bachelor of Arts in 2004. The attorney also studied at Concordia University besides graduated with a law degree.

Dinesh Melwani’s height and weight

The transactional attorney positions at 5 feet 7 inches or 170 centimeters. He weighs 143 pounds or else 65 kilograms.

Personal Life with Sheena Melwani 

He is married to Sheena Melwani, a businessperson, songwriter and internet sensation. The couple has two children. Their firstborn is a daughter called Zara, and their second born is a son, Jai.

What does Dinesh Melwani do as Career?

What does Dinesh Melwani do as Career?
(Image Source: Linkedin.com)

The Real Indian Dad aka Dinesh Melwani is a transactional attorney intended for Mintz Levin. It is an all-around, full-service firm for clients worldwide. The firm is located in Boston, Massachusetts. He started working at Mintz Levin in February 2018. He is the firm’s co-chair. He also advises on many domestic and international corporate matters.

The attorney’s practices in the secure include M&A transactions. They also cover entity formation, venture financings, and strategic savings. He also lectures as a guest at places like MIT Sloan School of Management and The Capital Network. He speaks at Mass Challenge and The Broad Institute. His lectures are on entity formation and angel, seed, and venture funding.

According to their LinkedIn profile, he has also worked as an advocate at Bingham McCutchen Company. He worked there after September 2005 towards November 2014. In December 2014, he started employment as a Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP partner. He was a partner in the international stable until February 2018.

Before joining Mintz Levin as an attorney, he worked in the legal department of Mitsui & Co Ltd in Japan. He also operated in the Tokyo office of an international legal firm. He managed legal affairs associated with Mitsui’s diverse outlines of business in North, Central and South America.

Dinesh Melwani‘s Net Worth

Dinesh has been on the legal turf from as early as 2014. According to media sources, the attorney’s net worth is suspected to be $4 million. He primarily produces his income since his legal career. 

Why does Sheena Melwani husband cover his face?

Sheena Melwani husband face revel
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The reason behind the attorney casting his face on social media is unknown. He always appears in his wife’s videos on social media platforms with his face hidden behind a virtual avatar. Two years ago, the two uploaded a video scheduled for YouTube. They told their fans that they would show his face once their channel got 1 million subscribers.

On 20 November 2021, Sheena Melwani posted a photo on Instagram. In the caption, she thanked her fans because the channel reached one million subscribers. But, her husband’s face was still covered. She did not reveal The Real Indian Dad’s real face but offered them a glimpse of him without a mask. Finally, in July 2022, he revealed his face in the video of his wife’s song, Better.

Social Media Of Sheena Melwani Husband 

Dinesh Melwani is also a social media star. He is famous on Instagram, allocating funny videos with his wife sheena. Presently, he has over 690k followers. He is likewise well-known on TikTok for his hilarious videos and has accumulated over 1.9 million followers. He also generates entertaining content with his wife on her YouTube channel.


Sheena Melwani husband is a transactional lawyer and then a partner at Mintz Levin. His famous stage designation is The Real Indian Dad, besides he has achieved celebrity as a cartoon avatar. He interjects and makes entertaining comments in his wife’s TikTok videos.

FAQS About Sheena Melwani Husband

Q1. What does Sheena Melwani’s husband do?

Ans. Sheena Melwani’s husband is a transactional attorney. He is also co-chair of the Mintz International Practice. He started working at the firm in 2018. He has also operated at Bingham McCutchen as an attorney. He rose to stardom in 2020 when he started coming into court in his wife’s TikTok videos.

 Q2. What is Sheena Melwani famous for?

Ans. She is well-known among her fans for her captivating YouTube videos besides lip-syncs on TikTok. Melwani uploads her hilarious, short, in addition full-length videos to her self-titled YouTube channel. The channel has grown a lot. Sheena Melwani has unconfined songs such as Better, Find Your Happy, Sacred Space and Modern Irony.

 Q3. Is Dinesh Melwani a real Indian dad?

Ans. Yes ,Sheena Melwani’s husband’s name is Dinesh Melwani. He is a transactional attorney and a fellow of Mintz Levin. He is best known as The Real Indian Dad and has become dramatic as Mr Close The Windows.

 Q4.Who was Sheena’s first husband?

Ans. Mike Shay. In 2014, Scheana married her high school friend turned boyfriend, Mike Shay. But, she divorced him less than three years later.

Q5.Where does Sheena Melwani live?

Ans. Boston. There’s rather light, sweet, and entirely otherworldly about her vocals. And almost 10 million TikTok fans tune in to hear the Boston-based songwriter, well, laugh. 

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