Who is Anna Frey? Why She Got Social Media Attention Over The Night?

Anna Frey

Anna Frey is a Social media personality besides TikTok content creator best known for her @annafrey07 TikTok account . She shares trending dance besides lip sync performances set to prevalent songs. She has more than 1.9 million followers on the platform. Many people say she looks like Brock Purdy, which created tremendous buzz and drive for her in early 2024. What are your thoughts about her? Let’s know more about Anna.

Anna Frey Biography

Anna Frey was born on November 5 in 2007 at Farmington, UT. Now, she is 16 years old. She receives offers from many excellent colleges and is now listed as a Blue-chip recruit on tennisrecruiting.net. Anna Frey In 2023, Frey made her WTA tour debut at the age of fifteen. She took part in several ITF, and reached the sound round. She is also active on social media’s platforms and has over 2 million fans on tiktok. Anna mostly posted videos of herself dancing or lip-syncing to popular songs

Anna Frey physical appearance

Anna Frey’s civilization is White. Her nationality is American. She is 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight is around 48 kg. She has blue eyes and blonde hair, and her thin body type balances her tall stature. Anna wears a size 4 (US) clothing, but her shoe selection is a size 8 (US). Her breast, waist, and hips are among the parts of her body that she keeps private.

 Anna’s Education

Anna Frey is completing her high school studies at the Farmington High School. Anna Frey will graduate from high school in 2026. Frey is the No. 1-ranked junior in the government of Utah and last month. She finished runner-up in the 16-and-under division at the USTA’s winter nationals in Orlando, Fla.

Family Background

She was born as a daughter of  Tanner Frey (Father) and Jennie Frey (Mother). She grew up with her four siblings plus. Her brother Charles Frey who is a tennis player. Charles was dedicated to playing Tennis at the University of Utah. Anna’s sister Jane Frey plays softball.

Tennis Career of Anna Frey

As an American tennis player, she is opposed to the WTA international tennis tour. Presently, she is a Blue-chip recruit on tennis recruiting.net. She won Bronze Balls in both Singles besides Doubles at the L1 National Hardcourts, Rome, Georgia, besides got the #7 USTA National ranking in Girls 14s Singles. During high school, she won the 6A State Championships at the 1st Singles Position using a Freshman.

How did She Started Her Tik Tok Career?

anna frey brock purdy

Her social media occurrence put her in international headlines after she first went viral in November, for what TikTok dubbed an uncanny likeness to San Francisco’s star quarterback, Brock Purdy. People call and chant her name in diverse places. It’s been a lot. We frequently just want to make sure she stays safe, retains a level head and breaks attentive on tennis.”

Frey leaned into the resemblance, purchasing a Purdy jersey and posting another video wearing it that now has over 9 million views. In the related clip of Purdy partying in the aftermath of the 49ers’ win finished the Detroit Lions in the NFC Championship on Jan. 28.

In response, Frey sent a duet—TikTok’s name for two videos darned side-by-side—of herself alongside Purdy’s video with the caption, “patiently coming up for my Super Bowl invite.”

Then she got over 28 million views, and after that, it went viral!

She’s been soared out to Las Vegas for Sunday’s game thanks to a recently-inked Name, Image and Resemblance deal with Six Star Pro Nutrition, a workout supplement company. The company protected Frey’s tickets and will pay for her travel and hotel. Frey made the declaration in a new TikTok post on Thursday, saying she was “super excited” afterwards the unexpected development.

Social media Appearance 

Anna Frey is more than just a professional tennis player; He is also a social media celebrity. On her TikTok account @annafrey07, She shares popular dance and lipsync videos, attracting over 490,000 followers and receiving over 8 million likes. His response to a tweet comparing him to quarterback Brock Purdy went viral, wearing a wig and jersey and mimicking Purdy’s moves. The video alone garnered 2.7 million views and 400,000 likes.

Anna Frey Net Worth

She has a net worth of $10,000, thanks to playing in tennis tournaments, securing sponsorships and signing endorsement deals. She has also worked with major tennis brands Wilson Tennis and Selkirk, as well as major Nike and Adidas. With brands and as Anna improves her tennis skills and climbs the ranks, her net worth is expected to increase. He has the potential to become the best player in the world. Which will greatly increase his income from prize money and endorsements.


Anna Frey has proven herself not only on the junior tennis court but also as a social media presence. His striking resemblance to Brock Purdy made him famous overnight, reflecting the close relationship between sports and social media. In addition to her athletic endeavours, Anna’s TikTok charm and entertainment in comparison to Purdy’s has influenced millions. Anna’s journey makes it a turning point of fame and success in an emphatic digital age in the 19th century.

FAQ’s About Anna Frey

Q1. Who is Anna Frey, and why is she famous?

Ans. Anna Frey has develop famous on social media because of her similarity to Purdy. She started wearing a Purdy 49ers jersey on some TikTok videos, and her fame has taken off from there.

Q2. How old is Anna Frey tennis?

Ans. Frey (distinct “fry”) is a 16-year-old high school tennis player from Farmington, Utah, who rose to fame due to her resemblance to Purdy.

Q3. How many TikTok followers does Anna Frey have?

Ans. Frey has 1.3 million followers on TikTok and will only benefit from her NIL deal with Six Star besides her Super Bowl visit.

Q4. Who is the youngest female tennis champion of all time?

Ans. In 1996, Hingis became the youngest Grand Slam champion of all while when she teamed with Helena Suková at Wimbledon to win the women’s pair title at age 15 and nine months.

Q5. Is Anna Frey in high school?

Ans. She will graduate around 2026, Frey is the No. 1-ranked junior in the state of Utah. The previous month, she finished runner-up in the 16-and-under partition at the USTA’s winter nationals in Orlando, Fla.

Q6. How many TikTok followers does Anna Frey have?

Ans. Frey has 1.3 million followers on TikTok besides will only profit from her NIL deal through Six Star besides her Super Bowl visit.

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